When Katya and I got married earlier this year we decided to take a short MiniMoon, and have a delayed honeymoon later in the year, both for financial and scheduling reasons. Well now the time has come to get ourselves out of the country and enjoy some time exploring new places. We’ll have one full day in Reykjavik, one day on a guided tour of the Golden Circle, then ten days in a campervan driving around Iceland. We’ll have a travel day between Reykjavik and Copenhagen, then four days exploring the city and surrounding areas. It’ll definitely be a fun trip, with lots of great photos to come! I’m really excited as it’ll be the first time Katya and I have traveled abroad together.

I’ve always enjoyed a good road trip, going at your own pace, easily adjusting your schedule, planning out what to see; it’s just a lot of prep work though. I’ve spent the better part of a month digging through travel sites, newspaper articles, and blogs, trying to find all the great and unique things to see and do in Iceland. Once all the options are laid out then you start sorting out all the things that A: seem interesting and B: can work in an overall road trip. Here is what I’ve worked out for our upcoming Icelandic adventure.

It feels like a good balance, covering most of the island, with my goal being a maximum of 6 hours of driving a day, with the average being around 4.5 hours of drive time. I’m thinking maybe an extra day would have been helpful to make the drive time even less, and the trip as a whole more relaxing, but this should be fine. Hopefully this map helps anyone else planning a trip to Iceland.

I didn’t spend as much time figuring out Copenhagen, but it’s a fairly small city, and easily traveled by bike. Here’s a map of the places we’d like to see while we’re there.

It might be too much to see in that time, unless we rush ourselves, but I’m sure we’ll find the right mix. We’re debating about riding bikes up to the Louisiana Museum, then over to Frederiksborg Castle, then back. It’d be a great way to see the country, but I’m not sure we’ll be up to the physical challenge. It’s about 5 hours total of bike time, and though Denmark is a fairly flat country (at least near Copenhagen), neither of us have ridden a bike in years. Should be interesting.

So here we are, bags mostly packed, ready for this trip to begin. I’m sure it’s the first of many we’ll share together.

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