Earlier this month Katya and I hit our 6 month mark since we got married. Though it’s something I’m indifferent about celebrating I knew Katya would like it. I decided to take her down to Temecula to hangout at a few wineries, and find a spot for her to relax and draw/paint.

Some background: since we got married we’ve gone camping every month since, and we’re hoping we can keep this streak going for at least our first year. With that in mind, I wanted to find a place to camp near the wineries, but not to rough so Katya could get all dressed up for the wineries. I checked a few websites I normally book through but nothing seemed to fit the bill, so I started digging into new websites and found Hipcamp.com. It offered a lot of unique camping spots all across the U.S., and more importantly, it had a few spots near Temecula. luckily there was one very close to the the main road with all the wineries, and it was an amazing spot. Wine Country Camping was located in the backyard of a large house at the end of a cul-de-sac. This was no ordinary backyard, this was a massive garden, covering at least half an acre.  It had multiple unique areas, including a fairy garden. When we arrived, Katya could barely contain her excitement, but kept her composure while our host showed us around. We set up our tent, checked out the gardens then watched the sunset over the fields of grape vines.

The next morning we woke early, made a quick breakfast, then Katya set out to draw and paint, a big smile on her face. I spent most the morning reading, taking a few photos. Around noon we got dressed, and headed out to Wilson Creek Winery for lunch and sample so wine. After a few drinks, Katya posed for me among the vines. The day was hot, but a nice breeze made its way through the winery and made it tolerable.

From there we headed to Ponte Winery for more drinks and conversation. We saw a proposal while we were hanging out in the grass, Katya might have cried a little. Right around sunset we had dinner there. Calamari for starters, Ahi Poke salad for Katya, ravioli for me. All delirious.

We head back to camp, relaxing by the fire and watching the stars. It was a wonderful weekend, and a nice moment in our marriage.

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