So after getting married, we decided to head back to work for the week and then on this long weekend head out on a four day mini honeymoon. First we had picked to drive up to Truckee to visit my friend Randy and his family. We hadn’t visited in a few years, and he’d moved into a new house since then, plus they’ve had a massive amount of snowfall over the last two weeks so I knew it’d be beautiful up there.

The first half of the drive went smoothly, not counting the speeding ticket I got driving through Bishop. I’ve only had a few speeding tickets in my life and all but one have come near Bishop, so lets just say I’m going to avoid that route as best I can from now on. After we grabbed some dinner in Bishop we pushed further north. The roads became icier and snow packed as we climbed altitude, eventually reaching a chains checkpoint. Our chains went on easily and we ended up passing a large amount of other cars as they fumbled with theirs. For the next three hours we drove around 30mph on the slick mountain road, seeing only a handful of cars. It was great just being on the road with just Katya and the woods. We arrived late, around 2am, luckily Randy’s wife was still up and let us in. Tired and sore, we quickly fell asleep.

The next day Katya and I headed out early to downtown Truckee. The downtown area is a lovely little street with assorted shops, restaurants and bars. We stopped by a fantastic breakfast place called Marty’s Cafe, definitely worth a visit if your in the area. We strolled around the street for a bit, Katya finding a shop that pulled us in for a while, she bought a few things and I found two books that caught my eye. We settled ourselves into a corner of another cafe, next to the window, Katya drawing and I reading.

Eventually Randy got in contact with us and we headed back to his place to catch up. We chatted for a bit then decided since it was such a nice day that we all should take a hike around the lake near there house. They bundled up their two adorable kids and we worked our way through the deep snow to the lake. It was just a fantastic day, the sky clear and sharp, cold but it was a nice balance to the heat of hiking. I took the opportunity to snap a few pics.

We headed back, exhausted and a little toasted from the sun. I think we all took a nap, resting up for a nice dinner at Cottonwood Restaurant & Bar. The place is set atop a hill overlooking the town, just a wonderful spot to have a warm meal with great friends.  It’s been fun to see my friend’s life over the years, from being single, to marrying, now with two little ones running around. We don’t seem them as often as we’d like, and Truckee is someplace Katya and I have talked about moving too, so we’ll make sure we get back here soon.

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