In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X somewhere on the Mexican border. However, Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are upended when a young mutant arrives, pursued by dark forces.”

  • Expectation: 6/10
  • First View: 8/10
  • Rewatch: N/A

First View Review:

I’ve been excited about this movie for along time, when I first heard rumors of Marvel doing a movie loosely based of the Old Man Logan comics. I was even more geeked out when I heard that they we’re letting it get an ‘R’ rating, mostly likely due to Deadpool’s success. Still I tempered my hopes since most of the X-men/Wolverine movies have been mediocre, if not down right terrible. I didn’t want my hopes for this movie to set a bar that couldn’t be reached.

The movie is certainly flawed, they’re plenty of issues and plot devices that easily could have been solved by anyone with a normal brain, and some scenes are pretty predictable. Luckily these are only minor blemishes, as the movie makes up for it with incredibly solid acting, especially by Patrick Stewart, most of the action scenes are great, and it has a visual look that grounds it in reality.

What really makes this movie stand out from the other superhero movies is that it’s very often not a superhero movie at all. You could take out the action scenes, the superpowers and cool tech, and still be left with a interesting storyline that has a lot of emotional weight behind it. It really is a drama with action beats.

It’s definitely a movie I’d like to see again in the theaters and take a more analytical eye to it, since the first viewing was just pure childhood enjoyment. I know there are several scenes that I wish would go on longer and some tightening of the script in others, but it’s just a great emotional ride and a great end to Hugh Jackman’s portrayal as Wolverine. Go check it out if you get a chance.


Rewatch Thoughts: N/A

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