After two days full of stops, we slow things down a bit for day three. We had several stops cut from this leg of the road trip since everyone was pretty beat from the first two days. We dropped Lagarfljót, Hallormsstadhaskogur, and Hengifoss, since they required a bit of a detour from our main route.

We started our day at Halvnes Lighthouse, an easy stop just off the Ring Road. This bright orange lighthouse sits next to a slightly flooded field with imposing mountains in the background. Just a beautiful place, so we relaxed, watched the ocean, and enjoyed some warm tea. Katya gladly posed for some great pics.

The Ring road, winding along the coast, is just a amazing experience. Large cliffs to your left, inlets and ocean to your right. A since we’ve gotten past the biggest tourist areas, the roads were empty. It was rare if you saw more than one car every 30 minutes.

Our next stop was also just off the Ring Road, Sveinsstekksfoss, a small waterfall hidden behind some short cliffs. To get to the falls you need to hike/or drive up the steep hill just off the Ring Road, there’s a well worn path leading to the rocky outcrop where you can view the falls. The water flows to a small pond, where you could jump from the cliffs above in to the waters. As it was already cold outside and the water was freezing we wisely decided to pass on jumping in. Along the shore we met the land owners, they were just hanging out fishing and talking to whomever stopped by.

We worked our way through Egilsstaðir, heading uphill to a small parking lot just outside of town to hike to Fardagafoss. There are actually two water falls here, and you pass the first one as you hike the trail to Fardagafoss. The scenery is amazing as you have a clear view of the whole area, with the sounds of moving water adding to the beauty. The trek itself was pretty easy, though it was all uphill to the falls. There is a route to get behind the falls to a small cave, but it’s very steep and wet so we skipped it.

Our final stop was the port town of Seydisfjordur. It’s a cute little town with an strong artist community. We arrived just as a large cruise ship was leaving port, so it was very quiet and calm. We grabbed some warm drinks at a local cafe, and I had a delicious cup of hot coco.

That evening we stayed up late hoping to catch a glimpse of the northern lights, sadly you could only faintly see them. You could tell something wasn’t right with the sky, but only occasionally could you seen the green tint. I snapped a few pics and boosted the saturation to bring out the color.

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