Day four of the road trip started with a long drive through the northeastern part of the ring road, then heading north up the 862 til we got to Dettifoss. 330 feet wide and a drop of144 feet, Dettisfoss is said to be the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe. The falls were definitely flowing strong, creating a load roar and a lot of mist.

There is a mile hike to another waterfall, Selfoss, which I thought to be a lot prettier. It was a wide cliff of small falls, and you could hike all over the place among them, and as a bonus there were a lot less people. Unfortunately the pictures I took didn’t really come out that well.

From here we continued north on the 862, the road going from paved to rough dirt. The drive was really bumpy, and at times seemed like a bit much for the camper-van to handle, but we took it slow. After what seemed like hours we found ourselves back onto paved road, turning east onto the 85, then entering Asbyrgi Canyon. This horseshoe shaped depression offers some really lovely hiking, and there’s a small lake called Botnstjörn at the arch of the canyon. Legend explains the unusual shape of the canyon was formed when Odin’s eight-legged horse, Sleipnir, touched one of its feet to the ground here. It was a beautiful place, walking among the Birch, pine, spruce, and willow trees, and coming to Botnstjörn. I read while Katya drew the lake and surrounding cliffs. I didn’t bring my camera, choosing to just enjoy the hike, though Katya had me take a few photos on her camera.

We went west on the 85, which turns north following the coast, then heads back south, to our campsite in Husavik. It was a nice little town on the coast, and apparently its the main hub for whale watching in Iceland.

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