Feeling refreshed from the baths yesterday, we rose early and headed west along the Ring Road til we arrived at Safnasafnið.

“Safnasafnið is one of Iceland’s most important art museums and the only one collecting folk and outsider art. At present it stores approximately 5000 works. The museum has an extensive exhibition area, a library and research facilities, as well as accommodation for tourists, visiting artists and scholars.

The museum presents its collection of folk and outsider art together with progressive modern art without discrimination – quality and sincerity being the only guidelines. In this way the museum has earned for itself a rather special place on the Icelandic art scene.”

It wasn’t really my type of art but it was interesting, and weird. We spent about 40 minutes walking around and taking it easy, since this was going to be a pretty chill day.

After the museum we headed to Akureyri, the second largest city in Iceland. Built partially on a hillside, the city was quite pretty and had a nice small town vibe to it. Though it definitelly had some creepy art.

My only plans for the day was to take Katya to the botanical gardens in the city and let her draw while I read. The gardens were beautiful and had a large variety of blooming flowers. We bought some hot chocolate and took off to find a nice spot to hang out. It did feel weird to stay in one location for so long, since we had constantly been on the move for the last week.

We spent most of the day in the gardens, but we had a bit of driving to do before we camped for the night so we took off an hour or so before sunset. The drive offered some great views along the way.

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